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Elementary School Library: Library Learning!

Find Tomahawk Elementary School resources here - all in one location!

Library Learning Games

Test your skill level of the following library games!

Do you Know the Parts of a Book?  - Learn and review!

Parts of a Book Quiz! - Now quiz yourself with what you learned. 

Call Number Order - Game made on Quia to review call number order.

Matching Call Numbers to Authors - Game made on Quia to review call numbers.

Can you do the Dewey? - Dewey Decimal System review and quizzes to help you understand how libraries are organized: making information easy to find!

Order in the Library - Can you put the fiction books in the correct order on the library shelf?  Test yourself to help you understand how books are organized in the library.

Fiction Versus Nonfiction - Can you tell the difference?  Listen and play the game!



Watch the video below to learn about the parts of a book!

Learning Dewey!
You can find most books in many libraries around the world thanks to the Dewey Decimal Classification (also written as "DDC"). Librarians use the DDC to locate and store books on shelves in the library. Use this helpful guide and videos to help you learn your way around our library and many other libraries!

       The major Dewey Decimal divisions are:

               000 - Generalities
               100 - Philosophy & Psychology
               200 - Religion
               300 - Social Science
               400 - Language
               500 - Natural Science & Mathematics
               600 - Technology & Applied Sciences
               700 - Arts
               800 - Literature
               900 - Geography & History

Dewey Decimal Rap video (3rd grade)

Bob the Alien on Dewey (2nd grade)

Why people should borrow library books and NOT animals! A great review for all students!


Learning to take care of library books is easy!  Help early learners by watching the mime "show us" what to do.

1st grade fiction versus nonfiction video: compare the penguins!

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Introducing the Big 6 Research Process!  What is it?  Why do you need more than one source?  Watch the video!

The link below is on the Big 6. The information on the link explains how each step works and what questions you need to think about.  Using the Big 6 will guide you through the research process to success!

Interactive Steps  The Big 6 steps that are interactive and easy to follow when using.

The steps broken down!  Each step is broken down. 

Student Friendly Using the Big Six This Big Six guide gives ideas on what to do for each step.

The Process Guide  This guide has a chart with the main points of each step. Read the title and question above the information in each blue box for each step!  The green box gives you help with the details of each step.

An Easy to Use Step By Step   Reading that takes you through each step - great to walk you through the process when you have an actual assignment.

Game Test your skills on the whole process.