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Elementary School Library: 3rd grade Folktale Projects

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Fables are:

  • Short stories that teach a lesson or moral 
  • Animals talk
  • Animals act like people to teach people a lesson
  • Fables can be used to explain something in nature in a creative way


What we have been learning about!

3rd Grade Library Class has been working on:


Folktales are often stories of animals that act like humans, and that live in a world of wonder and magic. Most of these stories convey a message or moral to the reader, or explain something in a creative way. Folktales are often passed down and retold from generation to generation.

  1. Review  what is a Folktale.
  2. Read folktales.
  3. Using Story board: retell story.
  4. Using iPad: film the retelling of the story using the video on the camera.
  5. Then retell the story according to one of the scenarios on the short story version in either a Puppet Show OR News Cast Live from the Field.

See the students videos in the column to the left!