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Elementary School Library: Schedule Technology

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Schedule Technology

To schedule the computer lab, log into your "" Google account.   The calendar on the right side is view only.  Allowing scheduling of the lab from anywhere! 

Click on Google Calendar in lower right corner of the calendar for quick access and view.

To schedule time:

  1. Log into your "" account.
  2. Open Drive, look in upper right corner for gray selections box (see red arrow in picture below), click to open.
  3. Click on the Calendar icon.  
  4. Next you will see a calendar, look to the left side and click on the words "Elementary computer lab" and an orange box will appear indicating you are viewing it.
  5. Simply click on the day and time you would like to reserve the computer lab. (Be sure to select all of the time you would like the default is 15 minutes at a time.)  By selecting edit you can enter more details and specific time, however, this is not necessary.
  6. Enter your name and room number.
  7. Click Create Event and done!

Help on how to schedule iPad carts, Chromebook carts, and the Elementary Computer lab!  You will need to use your "myhatchets" log-in.


NOTE: Calendars are below!